Signing Ceremony for five 2020 GGP Projects in Kosovo has been held (12 March 2021)

On 12 March 2021, the grant contract for five projects under the Japanese Government's Grant Assistance for Grass Roots and Human Security Projects (GGP) have been signed.
 The total grant amount for those projects is 320,440 Euros which will benefit Kosovo citizens in different municipalities throughout Kosovo.

1 “The Project for Providing a Tractor for Promoting Agriculture in Istog” with the total amount of 80,250.00 Euros.
The overall aim of the project is to increase the empowerment and financial independence of the woman and young farmers of the Municipality of Istog.
2 “The Project for Water Distribution for the villages of Hogosht and Lisocke in Municipality Kamenica” with the total amount of 79,357.00 Euro.
The overall aim of the project is to provide a decent water supply system for the villages Hogosht and Lisocke. The beneficiaries of this project are the population which lives in this part of Kamenica, from school children to potential businesses.
3 “The Project for Providing Medical Equipment for Healthcare for Mothers and Children in Kosovo” with the total amount of 54,370.00 Euro.
The project is to improve the health outcomes of women and their premature infants, especially vulnerable and marginalized groups through better health care services, to decrease infant mortality by improving the quality of healthcare services, and at the end to raise the awareness of women age 21-65 years on opportunities for cervical cancer screening through sophisticated medical equipment.
4 “The Project for Provision of Transport Vehicle and Generator for the Center for Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Communities” with the amount of 35,990.00 Euro.
The goal of this project is to equip the new Community and Learning Center in Fushe Kosova with permanent transport solution and electrical and heating sustainability.
5 “The Project for Renovation of the School Annex of Primary and Lower Secondary School “Meto Bajraktari” in Prishtina” with the total amount of 70,473.00 Euro.
The purpose of the project is to increase endurance and to provide a safe environment for the pupils, staff and the community admitting the school facilities on daily bases.