Short-term stay


1. About Short-term stay

Short-term stays refer to temporary visits of up to 90 days for the purposes of travel described below.
Sightseeing, visiting relatives or friends, recreation, convalescence, attending a conference, participation in unpaid lectures, meetings, amateur athletic meetings or other contests, short business trips (e.g. market surveys, business talks, after sales service for machinery imported into Japan) This category excludes profit-making operations and paid activities.

Nationals of more than 70 countries and regions wishing to go to Japan for the above-mentioned activities are NOT required to obtain a visa under visa exemption arrangements between Japan and those countries. (Note 1, 2)

Exemption of Visa (Short-Term Stay)

Note 1: Even if you are the subject of a visa exemption arrangement, permission to enter Japan remains at the discretion of the immigration authorities. We advise that you take supporting documents with you for immigration inspection at the airport, such as a return flight ticket, details of host organization, and evidence of sufficient funds for your stay.
Note 2: For nationals of Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Switzerland and the UK (British Citizens), the maximum period of stay given on arrival will be 90 days. If you wish to extend your period of stay for a further 90 days, you must go to the nearest immigration bureau to apply for an extension of your period of stay.

2. Required Documents

-Valid passport
visa application form (sample), completed and signed
-One passport-sized (45mm ×35mm) photograph, no more than six months old
-Air ticket (E-ticket if booked) or Flight information for journey to and from Japan
-Proof of sufficient funds to defray all the expenses while in Japan (e.g. Bank statements covering the last 3 months)
-Travel Itinerary (Schedule of Stay for the proposed trip)(

Purpose of visit for Business, Conference, Visiting friend… etc (Except "Sightseeing")
-More documents (Click)

If you are NOT a Kosovar Citizen
-Valid Kosovo Residence Permit Card

Note: Citizens of Russia and NIS are required to submit TWO visa application forms and TWO passport-sized photographs.